Transforming ideas and needs into meaningful group experiences.

Our values in Facilitation:

We believe in holding space for moments and processes that foster true connection, spark participation and increase engagement.”

Our values in Facilitation:

People before process

it’s about the group, participants are always at the center, we know where we want to get, but if something emerges in the group that needs to be addressed or when people bring needs, we make time and space for it.

Create spaces intentionally

Designing and setting up sessions and virtual / physical spaces that are deeply aligned with the goal for each moment. We try to answer questions like: why are these people together in this moment, in this space…? And, how do we design in the best possible way having that as our guidance?

Everyone matters!

Inclusion, accessibility, space for everyone to contribute in their own way and pace including when it means some people need to slow down / occupy less space, but only if they want to as everything is an invitation

Speaking up

Addressing inequities, elephants in the room, not being afraid of uncomfortable conversations or comfortable silence


Approaching even serious topics with unexpected and joyful moments that help foster connection


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