Transforming ideas and needs into meaningful group experiences.

Our values in Facilitation:

We believe in holding space for moments and processes that foster true connection, spark participation and increase engagement.

Our values in Facilitation:

People before process

We know where we want to get with a session, however, if something that needs to be addressed emerges in the group or when people share needs, we make time and space for it.

Intentional spaces

We host meaningful physical and virtual spaces by crafting them based on the needs and goals of the individuals and organisations present.

Everyone matters!

We want to ensure that the spaces we hold are for everyone to contribute in their own way, pace and possibilities. At times, this might mean to slow down some participants in order to give everyone the same space.

Addressing power relations

We actively address inequities, point out elephants in the room and guide the group through uncomfortable conversations.


We lighten up serious conversations with unexpected and joyful moments that foster connection.

Everything is an invitation

We invite participants to have agency, challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone, while we also know that everyone has different needs and limits that need to be respected. Nobody should feel forced or pressured to do anything.

Elis Motta

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