Designing learning experiences that put learners at the center.

Our values in Learning Design:

Our philosophy is "meaningful and transformative learning experiences, whether face-to-face, online or hybrid".

Our values in Learning Design:

Accessibility and inclusion

We strive to create learning opportunities that are accessible and inclusive to everyone, on different levels. In order to do that, we seek to understand potential barriers for access and work actively to remove them. That includes, but is not limited to, using accessible platforms and tools, employing diverse learning methods and styles, developing new paths and ideas, and, most importantly, continuously learning about the topic.

Purpose and people at the centre

Before starting to design any learning experience, we focus on understanding who are the people involved and what needs they have. These two elements guide us in defining the learning goals and methods that will be used, allowing us to have a human-centred approach.

Agency and autonomy

We design learning experiences for adults and are committed to creating space for agency and self-direction. Nobody should be forced to learn at a pace or in a way that doesn’t work for them. We believe in personalised experiences that allow learners to choose their learning objectives and the paths they want to follow. Our role is to offer space, structure and support for these paths in a way that increases people’s engagement.

Human connection

We deeply believe that for meaningful learning to happen, people need to feel safe. That is why we focus on building a sense of trust, joyfulness and connection. It’s from this foundation that groups and individuals can explore their curiosities and reach new levels of development.

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